Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

*sigh of relief*

Okay, think I've got the last of the server problems tackled. The fast friends-view code is back in, now that I've removed the two major bugs: getting random friends occasionally, and security holes (people viewing your private entries). The first was a problem where when you deleted an entry, it didn't remove the appropriate "hint" from the fast friends table. That was a two line fix. The second was an error in my SQL query, the big ugly one I posted the other day .... turns out it was just plain wrong, but it was close, so it was deceptive. I was even able to remove a table from the join (only 3 now) so it's even faster. Things seem to be kicking ass, so I guess I'll start to move all the other services over from that old box (all my family, friends and e-friends' websites I host) and then I can convert that machine to be nice and sexy too.

However, if you find a bug in the new system do tell me ... I'll be mad for the first 10 seconds, but then I'll be glad once it's fixed. Oh, and thanks for everybody mailing me about that MIME::Lite package that was missing... forgot about that one.

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