Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Server Upgrade

Okay, this is probably confusing to those of you that don't track LiveJournal's server situation, but I've put in a request to have the LiveJournal server upgraded from a single Pentium II-400 w/ 384 MB of memory to a dual Pentium III-550 w/ 512 MB of memory. The extra and faster processors will be nice, but the real win should be the new memory, but I thought it'd be nice. "But Brad, didn't you just upgrade the server?" No, I moved the server to its own machine and reinstalled everything from scratch, set it up well, and rewrote a lot of the database code. Software changes can only go so far. The physical hardware was the same all along. "But Brad, LiveJournal's working so nice the past two days after the software upgrade!" I know, that's good, but will it keep being nice in a week? a month? It's better to upgrade before there are more problems. They have to go buy new hardware, so this upgrade won't happen until I get back from vacation (around the 12th)

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