Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

my eyes

I just got back from my eye appointment. I'm writing this with my eyes closed since I can't make out a damn thing on the screen (or on road signs, for that matter) ... they put those damn drpos in your eyes that dialate them and they then put another ste in to do something else, then they put a thied set in to close your eyes up, the result of which is my eyes are fucked for like an hour ... so I'm back at home waiting for my eyes to return to normal before I hit the ffreeway. I took the country roads back from Hillsboro where my chances of killing many eople or myself were minimal. My old eye doctor didn't have this third set of drops so you left w/ your eyes dialated but sunglasses helped ... but with this new eye doctor I leave and my eyes are both dialated and fuzzy. I went to McDonalds to order food and couldn't read the menu. There was a Mexican family there that was giving their order to their son who was translating to the employee ... I thought of doing the same ... "Yo quiero un hamburgesa con queso, por favor!!" Grrrr... damnit eyes, work! Aight, I'm going to take off pretty soon here... my mom's starting to make me try to help her with stuff, which is a definite sign that I need to get out of here.

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