Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


So, Nick and I went through a car-wash and the dude working it (some Asian guy, probably 16 or 17) invites us to a party. He hands us a flyer that reads:

    July 29

    Host and Contact
    Gadin - 599-6820
    Lance - 441-7925
He said the admission cost is just bringing girls. So, if you're in the Portland area, give one of those numbers a call (area code 503) and ask where it's at. Tell them some dude at Kaddy Kar Wash gave you the flyer. Nick and I must have looked pretty hard-core with our sunglasses on, hats backwards, driving my pimp mobile, and me with my goatee. Shiiiit. :-P Now, I wonder how old the girls they want us to bring should be.... 19-21? 16-18? In other words: legal or jail-bait? Heh. Recommendations? Thoughts? Who wants to go? ;-P
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