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Hackin' PiMP [Jul. 18th, 2000|10:03 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
So, PiMP has two main problems I've found.

1) It doesn't have a built-in facility to create start menu or desktop shortcuts to the installed program. There's a work-around though: I can also install another program of my own creation to be run after PiMP runs to create it... and PiMP can pass the correct arguments to my program so it'll know where to point the shortcut at. Not a big deal, I told jonathan@winamp I'd add this support to PiMP if the source could be made available. Awaiting a response.

2) I can't figure out how to change the icon of the installation program. I emailed jonathan the following: "I was wondering if it's possible to change the icon makepimp uses. I first tried to open the resulting PiMP file from makepimp in MSVC as resources and edit the icon, but upon running it, it complained that the installation file was corrupted. Nice --- you do some sort of checksum over the whole file. So, I next thought: maybe makepimp uses its own icon as the icon for the resulting installation .exe ... I changed makepimp.exe's icon, re-ran it (no corruption messages), but the icon for the new .exe file it made was still the old one .... so you've got an extra copy of that icon data somewhere in makepimp.exe. Maybe I can find it .... maybe not. Maybe you don't want people doing this? The icon's not a big issue, but I don't want to confuse users of my application by changing the icon on them all of the sudden. *shrug*"

Suggestions? Anybody know of any good binary diff programs?