Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

My Day

What did I do today? Not a whole helluva lot, actually. I woke up around noon or so when (=FR colefitz|Cole FR=) woke me up asking permission to go to a friend's house (I was suppose to be watching him) and then I kinda stumbled around the house for awhile half-dressed looking for food and a clue as to what to do.

The other day I got a new CD-ROM drive after I cracked the tray of my old one. The old cracked one still works, I just have to hold the tray up as it goes in. Hmm.... guess that's what you get for putting your feet up on it as a foot-rest. (I forgot it was out and I meant to put my feet up on my case) Anyway, my new CD-ROM is trayless (just a slot, like in a car CD player) so I can't break it. It's kinda cool having two CD-ROMs in your system... you can do fun things like be lazy and keep an audio CD in at the same time as a clip-art CD. (then again, I could always get off my ass and walk over to my 5-disk changer, but then I wouldn't have (=AL|CDDB AL=) support...)

Anyway, around 2:00 or so I listened to some (=AL|MP3 AL=) files I had encoded last night and decided the sound quality sucked. I downloaded another encoder and decided to do it again. However, I had deleted the huge WAV files from the original CDs I had ripped so I had to rip 'em again. It went pretty quick with my new CD-ROM but afterwards I had to begin the slow process of encoding the WAVs into MP3s. I set four of our computers to the task, each handling five songs or so. Their ETA's all read about 10:30 so I decided I should go do something and not sit around starting at really slow progress bars.

I ended up going swimming over at Cole's friend Carter's with (=FR ryanfitz|Ryan FR=). I love swimming. As cool as it is though, it gets boring after awhile and we went home. (We threw Ashley in the pool first... that was fun)

So, now I am many hours later and there's still not much to do. I've fiddled with my website some but haven't done anything too extensive.

Tomorrow I go up to Seattle for my (=AL|UW AL=) orientation. I guess I get to pick my classes and stuff. Fun, fun. Anyway, I'll probably login from there and post some more news. For now, though, I'm going to bed. Night.

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