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Brad Fitzpatrick

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[Jul. 25th, 2000|11:32 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
[Current Mood |grumpy]

Got bored & hungry so I went driving and found some food. I told Nick and Dan that I'd drop by the bowling alley and hang out with them, but I thought they'd have been gone already. I drove by and sure enough, there were all their cars. I went in, ate my food, watched them play a game, then played a game myself. Damn I sucked tonight. Last game I scored 166, this game I was on track to do well below 100, but I turned it on in the last three frames and made it up to 107 with a couple strikes in a row. Pathetic.

Yes, LiveJournal was fucked earlier. Stop telling me. The clock was off. I forgot to install ntpdate on this machine. Grrrr.

[User Picture]From: blythe
2000-07-26 12:22 am (UTC)


Is icq still not working for ya?
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