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Brad Fitzpatrick

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Directory Search [Aug. 3rd, 2000|11:16 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
Play with the new directory search and let me know what you think.

From: itchi
2000-08-03 11:43 pm (UTC)
Nice.. Its pretty cool being able to find out who was the last one to post into LiveJournal. And then filtering it down even more. (ie in Canada)

I know its test but.. can you get rid of the checkboxes? If I've entered information into the textbox then could you assume that I want to use that field? I know its thrown me on a couple submissions already.
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[User Picture]From: bradfitz
2000-08-03 11:48 pm (UTC)


yeah, i'll do that.

see, the interface to the underlying search engine is actually rather inhibiting right now.

eventually i'll offer something like:

(union (inverse (intersect (location country="CA" state="Ontario") (gender "F")) (interest "linux"))

Each filter you see there is very modular and can do some really cool shit.... I just need to exploit it. I'll work on the simple query page for awhile, then I'll do a really powerful query page.
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[User Picture]From: somefan
2000-08-03 11:44 pm (UTC)

worked great

i tried a few different searches, and everything worked out great! you R da bomb.
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[User Picture]From: dakus
2000-08-04 11:39 am (UTC)

Awesome Brad, this just makes livejournal PERFECT!

Ever thought of doing a random livejournal link on the first page? Just thought it would be cool to expose new users or even everyday viewers to some RANDOM journal in the directory.

have fun in Seattle!!!
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