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i shall bitch.

in seattle w/ blythe. her computer's broke so we're in the CS lab checking our mail. so many damn stupid people mailed me today. normally I look forward to my mail because I get at least a handful of interesting people writing interesting things. not today ... today people are all just bitching. yes, the directory looks different now by default. yes, i'm going to change it back ... chill damnit. just tell me you prefer the old way better and would like it as an option ... don't threaten to stop using the site. that's just retarded. like I care if you use it or not..... I'd rather you did, but it's not going to scar me emotionally for life if you leave. lusers. i'm cranky today. i need sleep.

what else to bitch about? oh, fucking CS lab here at UW "upgraded" to win2000 and the login now takes about 10 minutes instead of 3. I thought 3 was fucking unacceptable but now we got 10. Greeat. either a) win2000 sucks, b) computers here are too slow, or c) our sysadmins suck. or likely d) all the above.

not much else to complain about. rest of the day has been good, 'cept I'm really tired. blythe and i went out to lunch at this asian grill place and i had some really good chicken phad thai ... love that stuff. then we took a nap for 4 hours and went to the park and walked around (well, I walked... blythe tripped and slid her ass down a dirt hill) and then we played frisbee and laid in the grass. called people to go to dinner with us but everybody had ate or weren't around. so we didn't go to red robin (save that for a night when i'm awake) but instead went to subway and waited forever in line to get food.

going to rent a movie from kozmo and go back and watch it now i think.
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