Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

I hate Windows

Programming for Windows is a frickin' mess. I've seen some pretty shitty languages and libraries but nothing comes close to the hell that is Windows programming. ActiveX can blow me.

MSVC sucks, too ... that's the real problem. Look at this: "Catastrophic failure". It doesn't get much worse than that. Of course, I shouldn't be editing the .rc files by hand ... but I wouldn't need to if there were ways to selectively include controls. But nope. So instead I end up modifying shit through the IDE and then taking diffs of the resultant .rc files to see what the hell MSVC is trying to do. Grrrr. I need to write a good Java client instead and distribute that with a JRE.

Update: Figured it out. The resource compiler has its own set of preprocessor definitions separate from the C++ preprocessor. Duh! *rolls eyes*
Tags: blow me

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