Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Some good fishin'!

Back from the camping/fishing trip ... had a kick-ass time. Since I don't feel like writing down all the events in an organized flowing manner, I'll summarize with bullets.... bullets are cool.
  • slept 2 hours of the 3 hour drive going down there.
  • asked Dan what to do if a cougar attacked me. He said I was fucked if a cougar wanted to kill me. I asked if climbing a tree would help. he said it would certainely not help, as cougars were excellent climbers (which I suspected).
  • we were fishin' in a creek ... (Murderer's creek) ... the water was crystal clear and you could see the fishies swimmin' around (fast little fuckers, too!). I'd only lake and river fished before.... fishing on a creek is interesting... you're walking up and down it the whole time on rocks and logs finding good places (shady, still water).
  • Caught 7 fish (trout) the first day! Kept 2 to eat.
  • Later when I was walking back to camp from the creek I asked dan (on the walkie-talkies) if cows would attack me (there were a bunch standing in the road). He said no, as long as I don't piss them off. Nick told me to see if they had balls. I asked if they could climb trees or chase me downhill ... they said no to both. Cows got nothin' on me.
  • We ate hotdogs and fish that night for dinner. It got cold. Very cold.
  • My back really hurt yesterday ... got so bad I couldn't even walk around toward the end of the day. I took some Advil and things were almost instantly better. I was amazed. Waking up this morning I felt pretty good... can hardly feel it now.
  • Woke up to Nick's ugly face. He said in a chipmunk retarded voice, "Hellloooo." Dumbshit. We both had to piss but it was too cold to get out of our sleeping bags. Finally did and found out it was even colder outside than we thought. Nick woke up Dan, telling him the fish were biting and we had to start fishing ... didn't take us all long to get back into bed, though. So ... damn .. cold.
  • Didn't have much luck fishing this morning. About 11 we came back to the car and bpacked up our campsite and drove home. We ate in this little diner in some small town on the way... pretty good food.
  • Stopped in The Dalles because we saw a sign for the dam and decided we wanted to go on a dam tour. Nick and Dan brought their cameras so they could take some dam pictures. The tour started out on a dam train. We took it to the dam and saw some dam fish runs and dam power generators. I asked our dam tour guide if she ever got sick of the damn dam homonym. She said it didn't matter because we were just a bunch of dam tourists.
  • drove back home. need to shower now.
  • Read Nick's review or Dan's review.
Tonight Nick, Dan and I are going to go see The Cell ... tomorrow we're golfin' I think.

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