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Brad Fitzpatrick

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Back [Aug. 27th, 2000|03:47 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
Back from the beach .... got there Saturday kinda late and nobody was at the beach house, so I walked along the beach, watched the sunset, walked through the river and got my clothes soaked, walked barefoot all over town, went to a bookstore, got the shit scared out of me by dog jumping out at me from the bushes (if I was packin' I would've shot the fucker ... damn stupid animals.) ... kept walking around town looking in windows of restaurants seeing if I could find my family. never did. decided to run and ran back from town to the house and people were there. had a fire on the beach. stayed up until 4am reading ... woke up noonish and went out in the ocean boogey boarding with my dad and little brother cole in the wetsuits... frickin' awesome.