Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Back in Seattle / Party Proposal

Back from my 360+ mile journey. Took my mom's van back to Portland now that I have all my large Costco items purchased. Drove my car back. Blythe accompanied me.

I brought up my speakers, subwoofer, receiver, a bunch of CDs, and some misc. junk. I also made a deal with my brother to buy his 31" TV for our house's living room.... and my mom's letting me borrow a TV stand they don't use anymore.

Tomorrow I bug Qwest and hopefully get my DSL hooked up. Then the house will kick ass.

BTW, Evan suggested a LiveJournal party at my house for this upcoming weekend. A LiveJournal party being just a big gathering of fellow LiveJournal users, from near or far (likely near). Anybody's invited. I was planning on having one this month sometime, and I suppose this weekend is as good as any. It's not final yet, but keep them calendars open, yo! I'm thinking Saturday afternoon/night ... maybe play some volleyball/tennis/frisbee down in the park, then come back in the evening for food/movies/whatever. Thoughts?
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