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Brad Fitzpatrick

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evening in review [Sep. 7th, 2000|11:21 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
brother and friend arrived.
hooked up new (old) TV.
blythe arrived.
brought my DVD player upstairs. (the living room really needs its own DVD player)
blythe and i watched a little bit of true lies to test the surround sound.
got bored.
brother, friend, blythe and i go to red robin.
blythe and i come back and clean my room (i promise her ice cream for help)
we went to get ice cream ... closed.
see that bartell's is open at 9:55pm ... go buy a shitload of hangers. (i can finally hang my clothes up!)
got a page from user tufchoice that my new comment code on LJ is broken.
i know immediately waiting in checkout line what the bug is.
blythe and i go to the cs lab.
one line fixes the bug.
blythe's hacking on her webpage.
i'm reading mail and working on LJ.
brother and his friend are out somewhere now ... coming back later tonight.
we'll probably take off in a bit.

[User Picture]From: tufchoice
2000-09-08 12:38 am (UTC)


i knew it would be easy for you to fix, but it seemed some LiveJournaler's were getting worried that there were posts showing up that *they* hadn't written that had their name on it.

thanks for the quick response time in fixing the problem!

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