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Brad Fitzpatrick

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morning in review [Sep. 11th, 2000|01:25 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
  • went and got a new deadbolt for my room.
  • went and got my books for this quarter.
  • came home and installed my new deadbolt.
  • rode down to the CS lab.
  • minutes away from killing some geeks in the CS lab that can't shut up and think they're cool and smart because they can say buzzwords really loud and know a little unix.
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    From: sheehan
    2000-09-11 01:27 pm (UTC)


    why'd you get a *new* deadbolt??

    oh, and try to see what's up with the trash :P

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    [User Picture]From: bradfitz
    2000-09-11 11:40 pm (UTC)

    Re: deadbolt?

    cause mine was bent ... the bolt part entered into the chamber at a 5-10 degree angle. it was extremely hard to open and close.
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    [User Picture]From: ad66
    2000-09-11 01:31 pm (UTC)
    i hate when people say buzzwords loud (and often)
    i was in 7-11 once and these two guys said "key" more than 10 times in less the two minutes.
    It was painful.

    And those excessive Yo'Bro'ers.
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    [User Picture]From: supergirlnick
    2000-09-11 02:11 pm (UTC)

    yup yup

    I just love those guys in the CS labs...

    i can relate, they're always in there...

    They're the same crazies that sit there and brag about just how early they were up in the morning playing Quake.... LOL

    ~me, Nick
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    [User Picture]From: detritus
    2000-09-11 02:21 pm (UTC)

    Re: yup yup

    Up early? I thought they just stayed up all night.
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    [User Picture]From: nolegs
    2000-09-11 03:13 pm (UTC)

    Re: yup yup

    And what the hell is wrong with a little bragging about you nightly ownings?
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    [User Picture]From: yizhe
    2000-09-11 09:53 pm (UTC)
    Hey Brad... did you killed them after you type this message?
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