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Brad Fitzpatrick

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morning in review [Sep. 24th, 2000|01:15 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
woke up like 8 or 9ish ... did some laundry, went back to bed until it was done. got up, took care of email (6 international livejournal payments now, through ibill.com), had lunch (leftover soft tacos.. mmm), and then did a bunch of dishes that had been piling up.

[User Picture]From: bitchinabottle
2000-09-24 07:19 pm (UTC)

*bows to livejournal*

heh..you don't know me brad, I'm Jess. I just wanted to tell you how great I think your livejournal thing is. My friends irl have it now as long as a lot of my net friends. I finally have a journal that I can keep up to date with and not leave lying around in my closet or in a drawer for two million years. For once I have something that I can let out my agression on, like a bitching post. I finally let my friends know what I'm really feeling without me having to directly tell them. *worships you* Again many thanks :)))
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