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so much to report

made a fancy dinner: top ramen with the liquid drained, with fried chicken strips mixed in, wrapped in a tortilla, with taco sauce. you get creative when you don't have much food around. scott made a peanut butter sandwich. i think i win.

went to the park with mike: played with the chains. got more blisters. a girl running by saw us and came to talk ... she took the chains and did all this fancy stuff. she knows a bunch of the same people that were at golden gardens on friday.

came back, went running with eli -- first to the near tennis courts, then through the forest to the far tennis courts were we played 7 games.... it was damn close. it came down to 40-30 eli in the last game, and he won.

back now, and sweaty. shower them, then a "house meeting" later. i wrote a CGI script on our house website that keeps tracks of communal expenses and calculates how much we all owe each other back. so if dana goes and buys toilet paper and dish soap, and I pay the utility bills, everybody else is told how much to pay dana and I. pretty slick.
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