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i like thursdays [Sep. 28th, 2000|01:03 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
tomorrow (today) i have only one class, and not until 10:30. i will get 8 hours of sleep afterall. i was thinking it was 9:30.

forumzilla is not cooperating with my livejournal RDF files.

i sleep now.

[User Picture]From: colin
2000-09-28 09:27 am (UTC)


scheduling is key, my friend. i would not survive without those tuesdays and thursdays... my first class is 1pm.

i have designed my schedule so it slowly tapers off throughout the week, and right now, i am very happy i did that. although i'm not as happy as my friend who has a 4 day weekend, the bastard.


BEEEEEEEERR (and computer science, baby.)

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