Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

back; pissed.

back from golden garden's. got some new chains and leashes (handle) from the store. need to cut the chains a little shorter. skinned up the insides of my fingers some more, but later learned how to grab it such that there was less friction. didn't light up, but got better at a few moves I'd been working on. the pain in my fingers was having a negative effect on my desire to practice more after awhile.

anyway, back now. and no fucking parking spot ... we have 4 parking spots out back, and 5 cars. so i'm on the street one block over and 2 or 3 blocks down. the fuck? kinda pissed. a) don't have a parking permit for the street, probably get a ticket, b) that there were no close parking spots to the house, c) nobody else in the house has a permit yet either. the girls wanted to us to go get them this weekend but wtf? they're not open on the weekend. so i guess i'll get it Tuesday. tomorrow's booked. other reason's i'm pissed --- 7 hours of classes tomorrow, starting at 8:30 am ending at 9:30 pm. and my damn ceiling is squeaking from val walking upstairs in her room. normally that only half pisses me off, but given the other events (car, school), it really pisses me off tonight.

*sigh* 10% done with this quarter. can't wait until winter break. school blows.

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