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bunch of things are making me happy:
  • finished my physics --- got them all right. the sad part is that the webpage turn-in has the wrong answer. somebody in the class found that if you multiple the correct answer by 4 it works. that's pretty pathetic. oh well. even if they change the answers later, I still have the correct answer submitted before it.
  • ton of people are getting paid accounts the last few days... I can't figure out why. Is it the newly added sidebar link? The servers fast enough that people can actually surf around long enough to find it? Somebody encouraging people to buy them in their journal? I should analyze the logs some more.
  • livejournal's going to get a lot faster! basically, virtualis made a mistake and never enabled the second processor on the server... so I'm paying for an SMP machine, have an SMP kernel, but /proc/cpuinfo is only showing one active processor. I can't believe I didn't notice this earlier. more on this later when I know the details. the good part is that this buys us more time before we get the new servers and move to InterNAP.
  • tomorrow I only have one class!
  • the new Green Day "Warning" rules. i've always loved Green Day.
time to do more homework so I can relax tomorrow.
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