Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


couldn't fall asleep last night, so I ended up getting but 5 hours of rest. super exhausted today. hard to stay awake in classes.

no DSL service at home still. I guess Covad DSL cancelled our USWest DSL service, even though we already cancelled our Covad order before US West even hooked us up. Stupid Covad. I emailed them and complained.

Yesterday I went on a huge bike ride... I was going to post a map of my route, but I have no time. Class in 15 minutes.

I still have homework to do that's due in a few hours. Bleh.

I always think of interesting things to post on LiveJournal when I'm not on a computer. I wish I could call a LiveJournal operator 800-number from my cellphone and tell him/her my username, a pass-phrase (like a password, but without spelling out the capitals, digits, and punctionation... like: "smelly cheese is often green") and then say what I want posted. Yesterday on my bike ride I kept going uphill as far as I could and got totally lost in some parts of Seattle I'd never been to... I had all these cool ideas and wanted to share them, but forgot them all once I got back home. *sigh* when livejournal has more money, we definitely need operators. oh yes. perhaps you don't even talk to a human ... both because that'd be technically difficult and uncomfortable for some... perhaps you talk to a answering machine and then the computer dispatches a sound file off to an available on-call "operator". i should look into the price of an 800 number.

anyway, off to class. i'll do db homework in lingustics class to keep me awake. (not that linguistics is boring --- I'm just dead tired today)
Tags: bike
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