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Brad Fitzpatrick

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drunk [Oct. 9th, 2000|01:35 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
what do we all do in the absense of internet access? the whole house gets drunk. (read this, read this) except scott, of course. scott just observed our drunk asses. i have class in 7 hours. bleh. this took a long time to type. either eli's monitor is fuzzy (he has a modem) or i'm really drunk. even if the non-drinking girl in our house (i can't say her name) is really drunk... she keeps throwing up. hahahah. i reminded her to do her homework due tomorrow at 9 and she freaked out. oh yeah.... i helped eli with a bunch of his physics .. he's in "physics for sorority girls" ... aka really stoopid physics. eli's sober.... oh yeah, forgot that. but the party was in his room all night. i threw a bunch of bottles on his roof outside his window. we'll climb the tree tomorrow and clean them... maybe. our non-drinking girl housemate is really drunk... she won't puke in her $10 garbage can... silly girl.