Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


time for some random quickies!
  • Scott is a pussy. he made fun of me for starting livejournal.exe from the command line. "My god, who starts their programs from the command line? In Windows??"
  • Happy Birthday, patrick!
  • feel bad for forgetting so much calculus (and math in general). I don't need it for my classes, but I remember having fun with it. being a math major would be interesting --- but applicable to anything?
  • At 4pm the repair man is supposed to come and fix our kitchen sink and haul away some of our trash.
  • DSL is supposed to be hooked up tonight by 5pm.
  • I only have one problem (3 points) left on my physics homework.... have 19/22 points so far. due tonight at midnight.
  • bunch of new homework was assigned today. :-(
  • nice weather today.
  • wish I owned a steering wheel for my computer ... so I could play Need For Speed without the keyboard/mouse. I love driving video games... they're the only ones I've consistently loved: rc pro-am, mario kart, road blasters, pole position, super mario kart, need for speed 1, 2, 3... yeah, I need a steering wheel.

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