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Brad Fitzpatrick

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My plan [Oct. 14th, 2000|04:07 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
Scott helped me formulate a plan. I'm going to drop out of school, move to Montana, get myself a cheap cabin out in some rural area outside of Billings, get a dog, shotgun, pocket knife, and sit around on my porch and wittle all day. I'd also go shoot stuff (like trees) with my dog. In Montana I'll be able to speed in my car on the highway when I get bored (like I'd be bored, having a gun that I could shoot trees with!) and nobody would key my car. If they did, I'd sic Killer on them. I'm still debating if I'll bring a computer. If I do, I'll have to buy a 14.4 modem or something ... maybe put up a website on Tripod or Geocities or something. To stay warm in the winters I'll have to burn all my programming books, of course. But who cares? I'm still debating what I'd do for a job... I'm kinda leaning towards nothing. Killer and I can go hunt our own food. Yes, that's the plan.

That, or I move to Fiji with Kenji.

I should be at Faith and Patrick's birthday party now but between being on the phone (UWPD, SPD, Honda, Foreign Auto Repair, State Farm) to figure out what my car situation is, doing homework, and just being pissed off in general, I've decided not to go.

From: thp
2000-10-14 09:33 pm (UTC)
]] I'd also go shoot stuff (like trees) with my dog.

Heh, your dog can shoot things? Er, maybe I don't want to hear it.
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From: ex_luxxie860
2001-02-09 09:37 pm (UTC)

my homeland

First of all... if you're looking to wittle and shoot trees all day... the area outside Billings is not the place to go.

The people from Lewsitown, Havre, etc etc are bitchy as hell... and would get all kindsa pissed that you're shooting their trees. They'd prolly return the favor and shoot your dog.

If you're looking to go into major hibernation with your 14.4 modem and your shotgun... may I suggest Judith Gap.

Not only will they not give a shit whose trees you shoot or how fast you drive your car as you run through their one intersection that actually HAS a stop sign... it has been rumored that the Unabomber had his summer home there. I doubt your trigger happy tendencies would shock anybody.

I'm Lewistown, MT born and bred baby... all the happy rednecks reside in rural MT.
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