Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Heh ... whoops.

I pissed off one of my house mates for using email too much. I guess she doesn't feel it's right to discuss issues involving a single person with a single person over the house-wide email, and that we should only talk in person or write notes on each other's doors because "the house is too immature to use email" because "everybody replies too much". Give me a fucking break. I used the house mailing list after confirming with others in the house that it wasn't a 1:1 issue but a many:1 issue, thus suitable for the mailing list. (her car alarm's sensitivity was set too high, beeping non-stop and bugging us and presumably the neighbors as well)

I guess Val had already told her about this, but I wasn't aware of that. Had Val told her about it by email from the beginning, I wouldn't have had to tell her again. She says hearing about stuff by email multiple times from different people is annoying (the root of today's problem), but supposedly hearing the same problem by different people in person isn't annoying.

I guess my frustration with her is that she views face-to-face communication and email as totally different paradigms, each only be used in defined circumstances. I view the two as interchangable. When I'm in the same room with somebody I'll talk in person just as easily as I'd write them an email when I'm in my room ... I don't even think about the difference.

She then thought it was immature of me to remove her from the house-general mailing list and put her on only the low volume important list. She doesn't want copius amounts of email, though, so I thought that was a good decision.

Of course, her arguments kept changing throughout the long conversations, even dissing LiveJournal at one point, but whatever. I'll communicate how I like. I'm sure I've also pissed off Megan, Val, Dana, and perhaps Anil by some of my posts to the list. Sorry.... I seriously didn't think talking about stuff on the mailing list was that large of an offense. *sigh*
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