Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Stupid beeping

Brittany's car is beeping again, presumably because it's raining again. About once every 15 seconds for a few minutes it beeps, then it's quiet for a minute or two. She turned off the beeping last night and her car got broken into again. So I guess we're not supposed to complain about the beeping now, but it sure is irritating. She's going to have the company that put it in adjust it in a few days. You'd think they could make an alarm that only went off once the car was actually broken into.... oh, you mean like my car? Oh yes.... they can! I have a strong hunch that the car was broken into this most recent time because of the beeping. There are apartments and houses all around where it's parked --- I bet one of the tennants got pissed off.

Anyway, back to homework.

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