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weekend begins.

got done with class an hour or so ago. been playing with mod_perl and PHP more. check out this bad-ass server response header:

Apache/1.3.14 (Unix) PHP/4.0.3pl1 mod_perl/1.24_01 mod_fastcgi/2.2.4

I guess the only other thing that'd be cool in there is mod_ssl. In any case, I'm never going to be running all these on the same server anyway... this is just on my local machine for messing around and learning.

While I'm talking about geeky stuff, I'd also like to mention that I've switched to using Mozilla as my primary browser now on Windows (it's been my primary browser on Linux for months) ... in some respects it already feels faster than IE. Plus it's cool that I can switch skins, block ads, and use ForumZilla. Start-time is improving quite a bit, too.

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