Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Busy Day... Tired

Man... busy day. Tons of talks and instruction and walking to more talks and more instruction, all just to learn how to schedule classes, and then having to do it. Ahh! What hell! Trying to get all the classes you want and juggling all their time slots is a pain, not to mention worrying about if the classes you picked are the ones you need for your major and getting into the right programs later. *sigh*
Anyway, later things calmed down and we all ate a big barbeque dinner. After that a bunch of us went to a Mariner's game... it was pretty cool, the Mariner's kicked some Texas ass.
Now it's night-ish and I'm dead tired. Tomorrow I gotta go talk to the counselor/adviser people about some remaining crap that is yet to be resolved. Oh joy. Night! .....

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