Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

good day

so far it's turning out to be a good day... the clouds lifted and the weather is wonderful: dry and cold. riding to class on my bike froze my hands and knuckles... I need some gloves. i should go shopping again. i'm wearing one of my new shirts and my new coat today ... i hate shopping, but new clothes is fun.

livejournal server is doing really well today after last night's changes ... I think that's the biggest determiner of my mood.

oh, something I forgot to post the other day when I drove Kailani home --- if you're in the seattle area and have the means, drive up to NE 95th St. and drive down NE 35th Ave until 75th or 65th.... the trees are awesome looking' right now ... it was like I was in a painting, reminding me of that movie "What Dreams May Come". I'm not sure if it'd look the same on a rainy day.
Tags: bike

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