Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I took Eli's advice and went to the gay barbershop ... it's definitely a lot cooler than Supercuts. This cute chick in a tight pink shirt and a couple odd piercings cut my hair ... definitely more interesting than the fat lady at Supercuts. The funny thing was that she noticed I'd cut my bangs. I chuckled ... "heh, yeah.... suck that much, huh?" She smiled, "That's funny. No, it looks fine... it's just shorter than everything else." Heh. It sucked. :-)

The only downside was the price --- $17. That's a little high for a haircut, I think. Oh well ... I don't get haircuts that often... it's worth it. They had better magazines than Supercuts too... Popular Science was a nice change from Supercut's selection of Home & Garden, People, and Life.

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