Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

More Canadian Silliness

Done with my linguistics midterm. Came back and found an email from a Canadian reporter requesting a quote. I replied (an hour after she sent it) ... I got back a reply saying she'd already written the article. Thanks.... gave me a whole hour to reply? Nice.

Anyway, check out the new article. This is my favorite part:
    Under Canada's hate crimes legislation, a website owner can be procecuted for posting hate materials either under the Criminal Code, or under federal or provincial human rights legislation.

    But without a direct link to Canada, it's tougher to prosecute a case. Fitzpatrick's is run on computers located in the United States and Fitzpatrick himself is an American.

    "There is hate crime legislation that is on the books in Canada and has been used to prosecute both online and offline . . . but there needs to be some tie to Canada," said Michael Geist, a professor at the University of Ottawa Law School specializing in Internet and electronic commerce law.
That's right.

I'm somewhat upset they quoted my livejournal in the article, though. They should've quoted some of the people's replies. I love how news reporters always try to make stories sound so much worse than they really are.

Oh, and on the same news site I found another example of how intolerant and easily offended Canada is... this article was right before the article: Eminem raps in Toronto despite attemps to bar him. Quite pathetic, really. Why don't parents just ban their kids from going to the concert? Making laws for everything isn't the solution. Pathetic, pathetic.

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