Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

reasons i'm happy

i'd like to list a dozen reasons that i'm happy right now:
  • it's friday. my midterm in linguistics went pretty well. skipped my database class. homework that was due monday was delayed until tuesday.
  • i've got to do fun programming all afternoon
  • i upgraded all my gnome components, window manager, and evolution with pgcc. things are snappy.
  • got LinNeighborhood .... that program rocks!
  • LoserJabber's new dynamic menus rock.
  • going on a road trip with Evan tonight ... going to Portland to see my family and meet up with Tony Jordan from forumzilla. that'll all be fun.
  • have food still... eating chips & salsa, drinking dr. pepper, and programming. writing perl modules for LJ... writing an LRU Cache class. data structures are fun. in perl it's just sick, but still fun.
I thought there were more things, but I can't remember. I think the best thing so far was upgrading samba and having smbmount and smbmnt and LinNeighborhood all working.... it seems like I have to do less and less stuff in windoze.
Tags: perl, tech

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