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Brad Fitzpatrick

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hrm [Oct. 28th, 2000|10:50 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
ya know, i've been to a lot of parties but this one isn't looking too happening. to begin with, a bunch of people I'd hoped were coming aren't. then, of the people that are here, nobody's dancing and there's a bunch of really young little people that I don't know. hopefully it gets better later. since i didn't help with the preparation of it i can't feel too bad if it turns out crappy.

oh, also of interest ... i got a new computer today. i still need to put it together, but i think i have all the parts. that's tomorrow's project. it's going to be my new windows computer, and my current windows computer is going to be my new linux computer, and my current linux computer is going to be an mp3 kiosk/appliance type thing in the living room with tv out, remote control, and totally locked down. that's another fun project in itself.

think i'll go back to the party for awhile until i get bored again, then come back here. i'm not in a party mood, really. evan wasn't either -- he left almost right away.

From: (Anonymous)
2000-10-29 01:44 am (UTC)


since I don't know my LJ password anymore and Erik blocks Anonymous entries..I'll just stick this hear...

so is Erik gonna like kill him self or was he just really drunk..... incase he is gonna kill himself I will save the shit talking about his entries until later so I wont feel so bad if he does.

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