Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

fie on harddrives, fie!

so here's the deal with my harddrives:

15 gig western digital: makes high pitch whistling/buzzing noises and sometimes "disappears", causing my computer to reboot. when it reboots, the drive is gone (no longer primary on IDE1) and my computer tries to boot from the network card (dhcp). i'd say this drive is bad.

60 gig maxtor: this is the drive I thought was screwed, but it seems to be doing fine now, even after I shocked the hell out of it on accident. (note to self: get anti-static wrist straps).

In any case, my 15 gig drive is going to have to be sent back to Western Digital to be repaired, but it'll take forever to get back (as usual) and in the meantime I'll have to get a new harddrive I suppose.

Suggestions? I want quality, not size or speed. IBM? Those are good, right?
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