Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

nighttime adventures

11 person house ... friday night ... i'm the only one here.

i cleaned the keyboard that had beer in it. keyboards are so incredibly simple inside... i'm impressed. they used to be so heavy and complicated. no wonder computers cost $1,000 now instead of $3,000 ... every part down to the keyboard is cheap.

hrrm .... sometimes I kinda want quality, though. i mean, a little bit of beer got in this keyboard at the party and it died... back in the day i'd spill dr. pepper after dr. pepper in my keyboards and they'd just keep on tickin'.

speaking of quality stuff, i'm now bidding on an IBM Deskstar 75GXP harddrive. no more low-quality hard drives for me, no sirree. and no more western digitals, that's for sure. thanks for all your comments ... they were really helpful.

other fun stuff --- played with nautilus. looks extremely promising. i've been using evolution, nautilus, and mozilla on linux lately... can't wait until they're all finished. VFolders in evolution? oh my ... that rocks so hard. Nautilus' view types? oh my ... so damn cool. mozilla? well, sure beats netscape on linux, that's for sure. i got my sound card working earlier, too, so i have little need to boot back into windows.

tonight's further plans: clean room. sleep. (cleaning room is a prereq, as my bed is covered in shit)

tomorrow's plans: car wash?

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