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Brad Fitzpatrick

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it's so late. [Nov. 7th, 2000|02:09 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
i didn't update yesterday. it's been awhile since I've done that... July 15th, to be exact. And before that April 15th. And before that, March 20th in Mexico during spring break. I use LiveJournal way too often.

The weird thing was that I had so much to say yesterday, too. All day I kept thinking of things to append to my livejournal entry, but I never got around to writing it. I can't think now where to begin.

-- Pearl Jam concert was so damn cool. Red Hot Chili Peppers opened for them, so that made it all the cooler. The lighting and atmosphere was incredible ... and the lady doing the sign language to the music. The people sitting around us were all pretty funny, too. Everything just rocked. I got a long-sleeve tour t-shirt that's maroonish-orange-brown. I love it. I'm wearing it now. Oh, another fun thing: Chuck drove his dad's Jag to the concert. We ordered pizza from the car on the way home as we listened to 3 pearl jam songs back to back on the radio and came home and ate it.

-- Class today. Monday. What can I say? Mondays suck. Didn't get back our midterm in DB yet ... lazy professors, bleh.

-- My monitor came from ADI today! I now have 3 monitors! (2 19", and 1 15" ... but the 15" is upstairs, belonging to songx0r) Problem is, I can't find back a power cable needed to plug it in. Which leads me to....

-- My room is a fucking pigsty. I've been working on cleaning it up finally this past 30 minutes or so... I'm going to need to clean it to get to my bed.

-- Why am I up so late? Scott and I had to work on our compiler project ... making test cases and proving that it works and stuff. In the process we found one small bug which... it should be working, and it should be simple, but we're too tired to care. We made our test case work around it... we'll fix it tomorrow or something. We're pretty impressed how well it all works, though ... compilers are fun.

-- Speaking of fun classes, Linguistics is getting really cool lately. I'm learning a lot of things about English that I've always been curious about. We're doing syntax stuff now ... how sentences are constructed and transformed. The parallels between my compiler class and my linguistics class are scary at times ... Jackson's in both classes with me and we look at each other and laugh sometimes when these cute sorority girls are going off talking about "doing a bottom-up parse" and saying all this other stuff that could've have been said verbatim from our compiler class. I guess it's not too funny, but we make comments then like, "by her logic, that means English is LL(1)" ?

-- Not fun classes: Physics. Physics is kicking my ass this quarter ... it never ends. It's interesting and all, don't get me wrong, but the workload .... grrr. I have a 6 page homework assignment due in 7 hours. I need to do that still. Oh, and I have a linguistics test tomorrow that I haven't studied for either. I suck at studying this quarter.

--- Next quarter: I'm taking it light. Class registration is next week or so ... think I'm taking the next (and last) physics class I need, 5 credits. Then a writing class perhaps, then one CS outer-core class ... I'm pretty close to finishing my CS classes, so I'm taking it light, trying to round everything out. I need 15 VLPA credits and 10 Writing credits still.

--- Tomorrow: vote (shit -- do I need absentee ballots?) pay bills. nap. order servers (they closed too early today). homework. homework. homework.

--- Now: homework.

[User Picture]From: d4b
2000-11-07 03:37 am (UTC)


> The parallels between my compiler class and
> my linguistics class are scary at times

Not at all. As artifical languages have developed, they've become more and more natural. The best software source code is the one that communicates intent clearly to both human readers and compilers.
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[User Picture]From: whitaker
2000-11-07 06:59 am (UTC)

Not posting...

I've noticed this phenomena several times, the most recent of which being last Sunday. I had lots of shit to post about Saturday night, then I kept thinking of cool stuff to post Sunday and the list got longer and longer until it was so long that I just didn't feel like writing it. Heh.
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[User Picture]From: anilnaik
2000-11-07 08:20 am (UTC)
What the heck, as house mailman, I remember dropping off your absentee ballot to your door weeks ago. It even had a handwritten, "please forward to Brad Fitzpatrick 525--" on it.

Clean up yer room! (and it's too late to vote for you, unless you drive to Oregon and drop it off by 8pm tonight.

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[User Picture]From: sandy
2000-11-07 09:08 am (UTC)


Thanks for telling him Anil. We even e-mailed him over a week ago and told him that it had to be mailed.
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[User Picture]From: kalei
2000-11-07 08:32 am (UTC)
I'm a victim of the "I had SO much stuff to put in my journal..." syndrome as well. I tried to fix that by keeping a copy of the LJ app at work, but I've only used it once. *sigh* Oh well at least I use this a lot more than any paper journal I ever kept.
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[User Picture]From: mr_lunch
2000-11-07 10:10 am (UTC)


Not fun classes: Physics. Physics is kicking my ass this quarter ... it never ends.

Physics classes are meant to kick your ass, I am a senior now in Electrical Engineering, and I remember taking Physics I and II. In physics I our test average was around 45 out of 120 points! I mean, that is like 38% or something. You are a genitic freak if physics doesn't kick your ass.
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[User Picture]From: solace
2001-02-06 02:36 pm (UTC)

pearl jam....

curious if you went to the show on the 6th too? or just the first night.

either way, both awesome shows.

i saw them a few times earlier in the tour (indianapolis and OH), then chicago and alpine (where it was fucking 26 degrees outside... brrrrrr)

anywho, glad to know that the creator of the almighty LJ has great taste in music :)
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