Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

I feel so stupid.

I didn't mail in my absentee ballot in time, so my vote isn't counting. I feel so stupid and guilty about it ... I just drove to the post office and on the way I decided that I was going to drive to Portland. I rushed home, got my CDs, my coat, and went to get in the car ... I did some thinking: it's 4:30pm... ballot due at 8:30 pm ... if there's any traffic I wouldn't make it in time. I haven't slept more than 5 hours in the past two nights. I have a midterm tomorrow. I have an 8:30 class tomorrow. So now I'm back in my room feeling stupid about being a shitty American. I was even excited about who I was voting for (or actually, who I was voting against). *sigh*

What else did I do today? Finished compiler project ... fixed two bugs: one known, one I discovered during testing. Turned it in.

Paid bills ... $800 worth or so. I need to get the house to pay me back now.

Maybe I'll clean my room now, then take a nap.

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