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recommend gadgets for brad! [Nov. 11th, 2000|08:10 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
Ate dinner. Still tired. Might read a book later.

For now, I invite everybody to help me in a little research project. I want to buy three new gadgets, and I need recommendations on which to get.

1) Digital Camera -- my old one broke, an Epson PhotoPC 600, and I need a new one. Looking for: Compact Flash (I hate Sony Mavicas... no offense, evan), takes pictures quickly, looks professional (no gimmicky Kodaks with cartoon menus... no offense, dad).

2) MP3 Player -- never owned one. Looking for: more than 64 MB of memory, or one that takes Compact Flash (I love Compact Flash's form factor and low cost). Must be able to show long file names and/or ID3 tag info. I don't want one that plays CDs too ... I already have a discman. I don't want moving parts.

3) Scanner --- my parents have one, blythe has one, sarah let me borrow hers most the year my freshman year ... i need my own finally. All too often I need to scan things and can't. Looking for: flat bed, Hewlett Packard (preferred), 8.5x11" (minimum and maximum), high DPI, parallel port or SCSI interface .... USB would be okay, but I'd prefer if it weren't.

It's been awhile since I did research into any of these categories of products, so any and all information will be much appreciated. :-)

[User Picture]From: eli
2000-11-11 08:48 pm (UTC)


I'm telling ya, go for the nomad II player. There's always that discman looking thing that holds something insane like 6 gigs of songs(I think it's called the nomad jukebox) but that's just insane. First of all, do you actually think you'd actually be able to efficiently navigate through 6 gigs of MP3s on a 1 inch LCD...hell no. Secondly, that things huge, just as big and heavy as a discman, If you don't mind lugging it around with you then it's not a big deal, but go for something small and compact. The 32 MB I had was defnitely not enough to keep me happy, however, I think a 64MB card would probably do, and a 128 card would definitely do. Also, the nomad lets you listen to other compressions beside *.mp3. If you're listening to *.wma files on a 64 MB card that's 2 hours of music. Shit, that's all I'd ever need. I was very pleased with the player I had, just waiting for another one to come up on auction.
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