Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

dead harddrive.

well, the 60 gb maxtor is now officially dead. keeping track of all my harddrives must be pretty difficult, so I'll recap the whole story:

bought two new drives for my new computer.... 15 gb western digital and a 60 gb maxtor. i was really careful installing both, as I always am, making sure to ground myself and never touching the components directly.

i boot it up... high pitch screeching noise. it bugs me for weeks while I'm trying to figure out what's making the noise. i keep the case open for several days trying to narrow it down. once i figure out that it's the western digital, I hear it screeching and I quickly roll back my chair (on a hard plastic sliding mat) and slide under my desk and push on the top of the drive, hoping it's just rattling around in its mount, rather than a problem with the drive itself. i accidentally place my thumb on the bottom of the maxtor ... *spark* i static electricity'ed the hell out of the maxtor drive.

so, in summary: 15 gb western digital drive started bad. but I got that one replaced yesterday. the 60 gb drive I killed because I was stupid. what a waste of $247.00.

in addition to my gadget to-buy list of mp3 player, scanner, and digital camera, i'm going to need to add "new harddrive". however, i don't think it's too important .... i don't really need that much diskspace.

i hearby rate my gadget list from most wanted to least wanted:
  • digital camera (oh how I miss my old one)
  • scanner
  • hard drive
  • mp3 player
think i'm going to read now.

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