Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Dr. Pepper & Netscape 6

I really need to go to Costco today, but I have no desire to put shoes on or spend money. I do, however, have a desire to drink Dr. Pepper, which I'm out of. I also want to finish my physics homework, which requires the drinking of much Dr. Pepper. Costco has Dr. Pepper. Oh, the dilemma.

In other news, Netscape 6 was released today. Everybody should go download it (Linux, Mac, Windows) and use it, for many reasons: 1) standards compliant ... don't let Microsoft turn the Web into a Microsoft-only platform. The web is supposed to be cross platform and standards based. We don't want ActiveX and IE-only HTML *anywhere*. If everybody uses IE, webmasters will continue to do MS-only things. By using Netscape, you make a stand that you won't put up with non-standard browsers and you won't deal with Microsoft's "embrace and extend" tactics. 2) it's skinnable ... not a big feature for geeks, but for regular users, this is kinda fun. 3) it's only going to get better ... ride the wave. Netscape 6.0 is a really early Mozilla-based product... Mozilla's already a lot better than what this Netscape release came from. Try this one out and watch how much stuff improves in Netscape 6.1.
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