Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

"The ZTAs sent me!"

Okay, this has got to be the most random funny event of the week:

I'm in the kitchen getting ice when there's this sudden loud knocking at the back door. I see a confused and deranged guy looking in. Thinking it was somebody's friend, I open the door to let him in. He runs into the kitchen, staggering drunk, and says, "I love you man, thank you, don't worry about me" and runs upstairs. I follow him up, curious where he's going. He runs in Erik's room, full of people, and flips everybody off. He then goes into the hall, points one hand at the door, one hand at me, and says, "Open this door!". I just stare back at everybody else that's now in a circle around him wandering what the hell is going on when Eli opens his door and the dunk crazy guy runs in Eli's room and closes the door. A few minutes later Eli's opening the door, dragging this guy out, asking him his name. He keeps saying, "Don't worry about me, the ZTAs sent me!" (which we figured out is some Frat).

He finally left as quickly as he came, but still ... fucking bizarre.
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