Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

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god i hate dart boards

the biggest thing I hated living at home: listening to my family play darts on the electronic dart board.

the biggest thing I hate living here: listening to my roommate play darts on the electronic dart board.

i hate electronic dart boards... i will list the reasons:
  • they have that dumb clunk sound when you hit the board, unlink the nearly quiet sound of a real dart entering a cork board.
  • that stupid voice that talks to you
  • it does the math for you. it's more of a brain workout to add and multiply numbers yourself, and adds some quality to the game
Our dart board was broken earlier this year, and I thought it was more fun to play then.

I like my room because it's so quiet, but even with the washing machine and dryer going (which I find relaxing), you can't block out the sound of the dart board and its gay sounds. But whatever.
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