Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

my day

went to all my classes. even tried to pay attention in all of them. got a 91 on my compilers midterm.

went to evan's dorm after classes but he wasn't around.

walked back home, stopping at the bank to deposit some checks.

goal for the weekend: buy a nice digital camera. i miss my camera.

windows keeps locking up on me, but in a weird way --- it seems either my video card or my video driver is bad, because mp3s will keep playing, and I can still ping the machine, so I know networking is still running, and programs can still run, but when I try to connect to VNC with it, it doesn't work .... plus, i seem gibberish on my screen sometimes, and it seems to lock up when drawing fonts... it'll draw a few glyphs without anti-aliasing, then have some gibberish rough-edged ones, then all freezes. very odd. i'll try getting a new driver, but it'll be hard to know if that helps, since the lockup is so infrequent.

stupid windoze.

i'm going to hack on loserjabber now, since I no longer maintain the win32 client, and I need some new client functionality to test some new server features. evan --- you're going to have to clean all my ugly gtk code up. heheh. :-)
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