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Messin' with retail people.

Eli, Mike and I went to Kit's Cameras where Kailani (Eli's girlfriend) works to look at digital cameras. I knew what I wanted as far as features, but hadn't picked up the exact one I wanted. I played with a bunch of them and fell in love with this one.... Nikon Coolpix 880. It has everything I was looking for and more.

Without much debate, I held out my credit card and said, "I'll take it." The store clerk asks, "You will?" He had a weird look on his face. "Yeah," I said hesistantly... "is that a problem?" "No, no...", he said and smiled. "I like this type of customer!" Perhaps they don't sell stuff too often?

They start ringing it up, and I give them my Oregon driver's license to get sales tax removed (which would've added about $80) to the cost. They punch it all up, and then this asshole of a manager comes over and says, "No, we can't do that anymore."

I left. $80 isn't much, but I think they're running a scam ... I've never had a problem getting sales tax removed anywhere else in Washington, but this place decides to be difficult. What do they care? They aren't getting the sales tax anyway. Or are they?

In any case, I'm still happy --- I know what camera I want. I can go find it cheaper on the Internet now. I only feel bad that Kailani didn't get her commission. Sorry.

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