Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

so sad.

I accidentally overwrote one of my maintenance script plug-in files on livejournal when I meant to "Save As..." instead of "Save..." (C-x w instead of C-x s). I thought, "oh well... I'll go get it from a backup." My backup script did this, though:

tar cvf $FILE bin/*
tar cvf $FILE htdocs/*
tar rvf $FILE cgi-bin/*
tar rvf $FILE ....
tar rvf $FILE ....
gzip $FILE

See the mistake? The bin/ directory was never being backed up because my second tar line should've been "tar r", not "tar c".

Oh, I'll go find it from the emacs tilde file, right? Nope ... I'd find -name '*~' -exec rm {} \;'d all those.

So shit.... I have to rewrite it. I don't enjoy that.

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