Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

can't sleep.

this isn't good: I can't fall asleep. i have a class tomorrow with homework due.... i have to go. further, i have a physics assignment due tomorrow night, which i have no clue how to do. worse, i have a physics midterm on wednesday, covering the same material that is confusing me on the homework. maybe i'll skip the midterm ... we can throw out one of three, and I did above the mean on the previous two. even if i do, i still need to do the homework ... or i should, anyway.

stupid school. so tired of it all.

almost done, i keep telling myself. then what, though? on one extreme i could get a job at a big company working with lots of people and going to meetings all the time and never getting anything actually done, and always working on boring projects (**coughintelcough**) or I can continue what I do now ... work on projects by myself ... get stuff done, but it's oh-so-lonely. i want to work with other people, but I don't want the be bureaucracy that goes along with big companies.

also, where do i want to live? for every city in the US, I can think of good things about them and bad things about them, but they all seem equally boring. i still think moving to europe would be nice .... i do want to learn a foreign language well. i think being unable to communicate effectively for the first few years would make for a constant adventure.


what to do now? guess i'll try and sleep again. my arm and legs keep falling asleep... not sure why. at times they also get all cold and super-sensitive, like when I was having medical problems from breathing in the leaking freon from our air conditioner. maybe i'm just being paranoid ... maybe it's just the combination of the room temperature and how I was laying on the bed, but whenever a body part of mine falls asleep or feels weird, I get really scared now.

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