Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

mozilla's so dumb!

* woke up at noon, tired.

* ate breakfast with everybody.

* mom brought me gift ... two new pairs of shoes. she knows I won't ever go buy new shoes, and she got sick of looking at my 2-year-old worn out pair.

* i got email from a canadian newspaper about freevote and an NBC affiliate about livejournal ... one wants to send a photographer out for some stills, the other a camera man and reporter for an interview. i took a shower, but I don't feel like combing my hair or dressing up for it. bleh. i told the livejournal person to go get an interview with chris morrow (gigglecam) ... she's done them in the past.

* working on making parts of LJ faster, and fixing the nefarious "i edit my friends' colors and now all my friends are gone" bug. still can't figure out why it happens, but i'm cleaning up the code and making it faster, and i think i've killed the bug in the process. hard to say. stupid bugs.

* oh, and the best part of today: look how dumb mozilla is. its image cache got messed up, and now it uses random images in place of any image. see revjim as my background? ahze as my link back to LJ home? evaq8 as my ruler? the slashdot einstein as my "add to topic directory"? haha ... i want to like mozilla, but it's obvious it needs more time. so sad. i've been building evolution from CVS every day and it seems to be getting worse, not better. maybe they're in a heavy development period now and things will improve shortly. let's hope.

so tired.

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