Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

blythe's networked.

blythe's computers are all setup now... i gave her a pcmcia network card for her laptop, we went to the store and bought a cross-over cable, and now her desktop and laptop can share files, so she doesn't have to use sneakernet to back stuff up. we also hooked up a mouse to her laptop so it's usable (damn touchpads).

we then put a NAT program on her laptop (because it's faster and has a working modem) and got her desktop online, sharing the connection. didn't get DNS working (I was trying to get the stupid NAT32 program to be a DNS server, but it's dumb... i'll have to find a better windows NAT program). i suppose I could've just gave her desktop machine a real DNS server, but for speed I wanted it to be dynamic, based on what she was assigned when her laptop connected.

we'll put linux on her desktop tuesday or so, once we're both free and her paper's done. she's eager to use x2vnc and loserjabber. :-)

here's the funny thing: her winmodem looks to have better support under linux than windows. we searched the web for drivers for her Lucent 1636t00 1646t00 chipset modem, but all we kept running into was Linux information. maybe we'll set that box up to do the NAT instead, if we can get that $18 modem to work.

home now: bored. what to do? think i'll clean my room and then work on LJ.

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