Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

chicken, NAT, procmail

Damn it's raining hard out there. I was just over at Blythe's for dinner... she made terriyaki/soy/something chicken and sticky white rice, with garlic and some other stuff. I helped a little, but not much. I did dishes, though!

I also got her desktop computer's internet access working using NAT. Only problem is, NAT32 on her laptop has a 60 minute time out, then you have to start it up again. Are there any good free Windows NAT programs? I hate Windows so much, just because so many stupid things like that cost money.

Oh, I added a new recipe to my .procmailrc that catches a bunch of spam:
    * ^Subject:.*              [0-9]
It checks for a bunch of spaces, and then a number. A lot of spam programs append a bunch of spaces and then a number to the subject so that SMTP servers don't auto-detect their bulk mailing as spam.

I should really switch to maildrop instead of procmail, but I keep putting it off. maildrop looks so much cooler.
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