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Brad Fitzpatrick

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sql, bills, clean room [Nov. 26th, 2000|10:26 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
I've been working on three new LJ features: 1) rewriting the message board system (and changing the table structure to be faster, like I did for the journal entry tables a few weeks ago) ... 2) to-do lists, even though it isn't journal related: I need it for myself, and we want it for lj_biz. each to-do list item has its own message board (which the new message board system accommodates) 3) the adopt-a-newbie system.

but I'm knee-deep in SQL (what a dumb expression: knee-deep) so I decided to take a break and pay the electric bill finally. have to find my checkbook first, so that leads me to the next project...

I need to clean my room. No more excuses... I'm going to do it! When my Nikon camera arrives tomorrow (hopefully), I'll setup a "see brad's room" page, which'll be like a webcam, but only updating every 5 minutes or so... then you'll see my dirty as hell room in all its 3.1 megapixel glory.... you'll be able to count the dust particles!

[User Picture]From: topher
2000-11-27 01:21 am (UTC)


played with postgres awhile back... hated it at the time. it's likely improved, though.

Could be, especially depending on what version you tried. I first tried with a 6.5.x release, and I couldn't stand it. We didnt' look at it again until recently, and the difference between the 6.5.whatever and 7.0 is literally like the difference between night and day. I've been made a convert. ;-)

it's such a bitch changing your database.... so much work involved. mysql is making a lot of progress lately too, and I love their support.

This is true. Especially if a project isn't either 1) using Perl's DBI, or 2) written specifically with database portability in mind, changing databases can be a serious pain.

I'm just worried about MySQL not keeping up with PostgreSQL. They still don't support row level locking in a stable release, last I checked, and PostgreSQL seems faster on a lot of things lately, too...
i'm going to continue on with mysql just because it's been so good to me, even though it's a bitch sometimes... it really boils down to what I know well: I know all of MySQL's quirks and things to make it be fast, etc... with Postgres I'd probably fuck so much up that we'd be set back 9 months or so.

That's cool, and understandable. I'd generally take a bad situation that I knew over a possible bad situation that I didn't know, simply because you know what to expect.

It might be worth keeping in mind for the future, though. Or if you ever decide to rewrite LiveJournal's backend.

I've recently started moving a small database project of mine from MySQL to Postgres, very slowly, I figure I'll get the code moved over through the next month or so, and then see how it handles the database, and if it works well, I'll start using it.

Thanks for making LiveJournal the place it is. ;-)
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